Ready to move in 2020

Architecture that speaks to modern tastes

The balanced architectural and design language are what gives this ensemble its special ambience, surrounded by open space. Façades, windows, balcony parapets and sun protection elements are colour-coordinated, in keeping with a timeless, spacious aesthetic.

Once complete, the complex will comprise 14 modern townhouses with six or seven floors each. The upper-floor apartments boast large terraces and loggias, while some apartments on the ground floor have a private garden.

This perfect residential situation naturally offers the quiet and calm everyone craves Traffic is neatly diverted underground, meaning the area around Am Schlosspark is remarkably free of traffic noise. The site also features two large underground car parks.

Explore a different kind of ‘treehouse’!

Each of the 14 townhouses is named after a tree. This makes perfect sense, since trees and greenery are what define the area surrounding Am Schlosspark. Trees also symbolise strength, security, and longevity. The names are taken from Spanish, Italian, Latin, and in one case, Portuguese – an ensemble that inspires pleasant associations and a beautiful feeling of harmony.

The townhouses:

  • 4 Haya (Spanish: beech)
  • 5 Picea (Latin: spruce)
  • 6 Abete (Italian: spruce)
  • 7 Tilo (Spanish: linden)
  • 8 Tilia (Latin: linden)
  • 9 Betula (Latin: birch)
  • 10Acero (Italian: maple)
  • 11 Castaña (Spanish: chestnut)
  • 12 Espino (Spanish: hawthorn)
  • 13Tejo (Spanish: yew)
  • 14 Cedro (Italian: cedar)
  • 15Faia (Portuguese: beech)
  • 16 Pino (Spanish: pine)
  • 17Aliso (Spanish: alder)

Desirable homes in every aspect

Sought-after area in Berlin’s Charlottenburg district Very close to Schloss Charlottenburg Excellent connections to City West Spacious, green location buildings featuring apartments with 1 to 5 rooms Modern architectural language High-quality fittings Underground parking and lifts Barrier-free access to the apartments


Residents of AM SCHLOSSPARK not only get to explore and discover the diversity of surrounding area they get all the recreational possibilities that the Schlosspark itself offers. As well as all this they will find there new home bathed in sunlight all year round.